Presentation topics, Algebraic topology, Math 414b/501b, Winter 2008

All presentations will be done using the blackboard. All students are expected to attend all presentations.

Possible Topics: These are suggestions, but you can also propose other topics. Topics need to be discussed with me and approved. I will encourage the graduate students to choose slightly more challenging topics.

Duration: 40-50 minutes for grad students, 35-45 for undergrads. The presentations are not long, so you will need to carefully select a small amount of material to present.

Grading: The presentations will be worth 1/3 of the overall mark in the course. They will be graded on:

Note that knowledge of material is just a small part of the grade. The presentation itself is much more important. Because of this, you should practice the talk at least once or twice beforehand, on a blackboard with someone listening. This is extremely important.


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