Presentation topics, Algebraic topology, Math 4152/9052

Each student will give one presentation near the end of the course. All presentations will be done using the blackboard.

All students are expected to attend all presentations and to arrive on time.

Possible Topics: These are suggestions, but you can also propose other topics. You should choose a topic that is not something you already know about. I must approve all choices. Please ask if you want more references about a topic. You should also do some research about the topics. Graduate students should choose more challenging topics.

Duration: 45-55 minutes for grad students, 40-50 for undergrads. The presentations are not long, so you will need to carefully select the appropriate amount of material to present. You should focus on the key ideas, with illustrative examples, motivation, necessary background, and history (e.g. attributions and years). You aren't expected to prove everything, but should give one or two short proofs. It should be regarded more like a seminar talk than a course lecture.

Grading: The presentations will be worth 1/3 of the overall mark in the course. They will be graded on:

Note that knowledge of material is just a small part of the grade. The presentation itself is much more important. Because of this, you should practice the talk at least once or twice beforehand, on a blackboard, with someone listening, and you should time how long it takes. This is extremely important. You should also address your presentation to your fellow students, not to me; students in the audience are strongly encouraged to ask questions during and after the talk.


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