Mathematical Computation, Math 9171, Homework 1

Due at 10am on Thursday, May 13.

The first homework will use to give you an overview of the Python 3 programming language. Probably we won't use snakify after this.

1. Sign up for an account on snakify, using this link: snakify sign up. This identifies you as my student, by putting as the teacher's email. Do this right away, so I can confirm that I can see your account well before the due date. It doesn't matter what e-mail address you give, so you can use an unimportant e-mail address if you want. But fill in your first name so I know who is who.

2. Read through lessons 1-11 and do lots of the exercises.

3. The following questions will be graded. The number refers to the Section of the website that the problem is found in.

Note that it is not enough for your code to pass the tests given on snakify. For full marks, your solution must be correct, must be clearly written, and should not use library functions that have not been introduced.

There are many other online sources to help you learn python. Here are a few:

The course home page.