Australia Photos

Melbourne train station.

A large group of red kangaroos, in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

They either stare at you, or they run.

A couple more kangaroos.

I thought this would be the closest I'd get.

But no, I got even closer. Look at how powerful this male is, and how the tail is used for support.

In Tidbinbilla another day, we are hiking towards the rocky outcrop.

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. They are a little bit hard to spot in the scanned copy of this photo, but just below the centre are at least seven kangaroos.

An emu in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

A closer look at the emu.

The emu starts to get wary.

A koala.

A closer look at the koala.

A wombat.

Cave paintings. The red ones are emus. There were also turtles, koalas and kangaroos.

Hiking in a deep humid valley.

Eleanor and Andrew.

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