Berlin Photos

Lots of construction. The foreground is Potsdamer Platz/Leipziger Platz, and way in the background you can see the work going on on the new parliament building.

Replica of first traffic signal in Berlin.

More construction.

The plans for Checkpoint Charlie.

A photo of a photo of the removal of Checkpoint Charlie.

The famous Checkpoint Charlie sign.

The other side of the sign.

Mural and emblem, just outside of the Checkpoint Charlie museum.

The Brandenburg Gate, from the east.

The statue at the top of the Gate.

Unter den Linden Strasse, with the Brandenburg Gate barely visible at the end.

Trams and the Television Tower.

The Bode Museum.

The New Synagogue with its golden dome, on Oranienburger Strasse.

The Zeus Altar in the Pergamon Museum.

Detail of the Zeus Altar.

Another Greek structure in the Pergamon Museum.

The Berliner Dom, 1905, fourth cathedral built in Berlin, third on this spot.

The Berliner Dom from another angle.

Closeup of Berliner Dom.

The Lustgarten and the Altes Museum.

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