Egypt Photos

The American Univerisity in Cairo.

The Egyptian Museum. (See below for some inside photos.)

A nice mineret surrounded by ugly buildings. Photo taken from the water taxi.


A small boat.

I think this is the Mosque of Omar Makram, where the funerary receptions for VIPs are held.

My first sight of the pyramids. This photo shows the Sphinx, the Great pyramid of Cheops, and the `small' Queen's pyramids (just to the right of the big pyramid).

Closer view of the Sphinx.

Even closer.

The Sphinx with the pyramid of Chephren in the background.

I sure was trigger happy.

The pyramid of Chephren.

The Great pyramid of Cheops, oldest at Giza and largest in Egypt. In the foreground is the Solar Barque Museum, which houses one of the five wooden boats which were buried near the pyramid (possibly the oldest boat in existence).

Cheops, from the base. Each of those blocks is taller than a person. It's huge.

Statues, with Chephren in the background.

Me and statues, with Cephren in the background.

Two carvings of people (king and queen?).


Either Chephren's Mortuary Temple or Tomb of Khenthawes.

Carving of a person.

Inside a pyramid or tomb.

Inside Mycerinus, a medium sized pyramid.

Looking up the stairs from Mycerinus to outside.

A very cramped passageway inside Cheops.

A crummy picture of another passageway.

A tomb inside Cheops.

Looking down a long stairway inside Cheops.

Part of King Tut's collection at the Egyptian Museum.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

I think this is the Church of St. George, in Coptic Cairo.

View from the Citadel hill of Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, called the finest piece of early Mamluk architecture in Cairo. Built 1356-63.

Mosque of Mohammed Ali, in the Citadel. Built 1830-48.

The ceiling of the Mosque the Mohammed Ali. The hanging chains hold chandeliers.

Bad photo of some of the detail work in the corners.

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