Swiss Photos

Evian, a small town on Lake Geneva.

A glacier, called something like Grossen Alescher, probably about two kilometers in width.

Same thing, from a slightly different angle.

Looking down the glacier.

View from the summit.

Getting closer to the glacier. Note the colour of the water.

The Matterhorn, engulfed in clouds.

A rare glimpse of most of the Matterhorn.

Mountain goats on some tough terrain.

Caspar, Jesper and I, on the small glacier near Arolla.

Lac bleu, near Arolla.

The beginning of our long group hike. At the top of the photo is the glacier that Caspar, Jesper and I were on.

Getting higher.

Wojtek, with cows.

Doug Ravenel, with clouds.

Wojtek again (it was his digital camera that took this sequence of six photos).

Part of our group at the summit.

Looking down towards the valley where Arolla is, part way through our long hike.


More views through the clouds.

Doug Ravenel, Steve Mitchell and I, at the pass we hiked to on another day. The faraway pointy peak to the right of centre is the Matterhorn.

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