Tahiti Photos

Photos from my first day in Tahiti not yet scanned.

Evening fisherman.

Christian church in Papeete, filled with nicely dressed people.

Another church in Papeete.

Pouvanaa A Oopa.

Papeete's harbour.

View of Papeete with an island (Moorea?) in the background.

Similar shot.

My rental car, a Ford.

Tomb of P the fifth.

The Belvedere, a hotel and restaurant reachable only via a narrow, windy, steep road

or by helicopter. View of Papeete from the helipad of the Belvedere.

Chinese Temple.

Pillar at the temple.

View of the hills from the Chinese Temple.

Sunset at Papeete.

Sunset at Papeete.

A few minutes later, but with longer exposure.

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