Quantum gravity conference at CIRM

CIRM, Luminy, France Quantum gravity conference; see also <a href=http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/marseille/>Baez's web site</a> Barbour, Rovelli, Jacobson, Markopoulou, Pfieffer, Smolin, ... One of the residences

Baez Smolin Barbour, Winkler Rovelli, Freidel

Michael de Jong The Calanques An afternoon hike Ashtekar, Lewandowski

Ashtekar Ashtekar We went to the peak at the right Barrett

The summit The view from the top was impressive The youngest of the group? Baez, Barbour

various people Later we down the valley to the water The cove was beautiful Mathematical grafiti, back at CIRM

Close-up I stayed in the

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