Baffin Island Photos

Our first day in Pond Inlet, at the north end of Baffin Island. (Larger version.)

The town picnic was held where we were camped, and we were invited to try the food. (Larger version.)

Some people watched the picnic from the sidelines. (Larger version.)

The midnight sun is in my eyes. (Larger version.)

Our campsite at 1 am. Pond Inlet is at 73 degree north. (Larger version.)

Some whale bone among the ruins of old settlement. (Larger version.)

Pond Inlet is at the point of the green land. (Larger version.)

Lindi, sitting near the Salmon River. (Larger version.)

An iceberg that I think looks like a sphinx. (Larger version.)

Lindi, on an iceberg which ran aground a few feet from shore. (Larger version.)

The view from the plane was spectacular, with many glaciers like this one. (Larger version.)

Sunset in Iqaluit, near the south end of Baffin Island. (Larger version.)

An old Hudson's Bay Company blubber station, in Pangnirtung. (Larger version.)

We took a boat from Pangnirtung to Auyuittuq National Park, and saw lots of great icebergs on the way. (Larger version.)

The view from the boat, as we head up the Pangnirtung Fjord. (Larger version.)

We're in Auyuittuq Park now, for a six day hike. Here you can see the U shape of the Fjord which shows that it was carved by a glacier. (Larger version.)

A hanging glacier, along with its moraine. (Larger version.)

Most of the hike was rocky, but we had a short sandy section. (Larger version.)

Our second campsite in Auyuittuq. (Larger version.)

The view from our campsite in the morning. (Larger version.)

Me crossing the suspension bridge, the only way over the Weasel River. (Larger version.)

Lindi is crossing the suspension bridge sideways, because her pack is so wide. (Larger version.)

More glaciers. (Larger version.)

A cirque glacier feeding a waterfall (right side of the picture). (Larger version.)

Our trail was marked by Inukshuks. (Larger version.)

This was a particularly nice Inukshuk. (Larger version.)

This section of the Weasel River had ice about 12 feet thick. (Larger version.)

One of the few photos of both Lindi and me. (Larger version.)

Looking over the braided river to the next moraine. (Larger version.)

Summit Lake. We spent a night here and then came back the way we went. From left to right you see our pale green tent, the orange Warden's cabin, the orange outhouse, and the orange emergency shelter. (Larger version.)

We climbed the moraine near our campsite. I think this photo contains an arctic hare, but I can't find it. (Larger version.)

Here the arctic hare is slightly more visible, just above centre. (Larger version.)

And an even closer shot of the arctic hare, just below centre. (Larger version.)

A series of waterfalls. (Larger version.)

We had to cross many tributaries, some of which were a lot more difficult than this one. (Larger version.)

This one required getting wet, but was still a piece of cake. (Larger version.)

A campsite that seems to be in the clouds. (Larger version.)

Another moraine. (Larger version.)

We had many cloudy days. (Larger version.)

We are back to the sandy section. Although we rarely saw other people, it is clear we weren't the first ones here. (Larger version.)

Two more glaciers. (Larger version.)

The valley flattens out as we near the end. (Larger version.)

We camped beside this ice. (Larger version.)

Not a bad view to wake up to, eh? (Larger version.)

This is how I dressed to cross the more difficult streams. (Larger version.)

Mountains. (Larger version.)

Here we are, waiting for the boat to take us back to Pangnirtung. (Larger version.)

About a dozen more photos will be added in a week or two.

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